Wednesday, December 23, 2009


My new puppy...i love her dearly. Today, i take her to the vet for her first check up! Lets hope everything is great :)

She sleeps a lot. Wish i could. She stays up all night crying and then pees all over the carpet. I hope that is overwith by the time i leave KS to go back to TN.

Here she is sleeping with her toy from Aunt Shelly and Stephony. That and her giraffe are her favorite toys. ha

Friday, December 11, 2009

Shellys Splash Page

Her sites are in transition...

This is whats up in the mean time...check. It. Out.

Meet logo girl.

The CO

Here is the most recent website i've done....

I like them. And their logo (I did that too...haha)

I want to help you but I don't know reach reach you...

that is being sung right now by the studio...for the new album...

I love that line. For many reasons.

The End.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Make Every Word Hurt....

Well don't waste your time
Don't allow him distractions
If you have to close your eyes
But dont wait for a reaction

Don't stop to breathe
Unwipe your mouth
You won't be misperceived
I'll figure it out

But whatever you do
For whatever its worth
If you're gonna tear my world apart
Then I'd prefer
Don't leave me confused
Don't let the lines blur
If you're gonna tell me
You don't love me anymore
Make every word hurt....

Don't walk away now
And don't second guess
You felt this way a moment ago
Why should my tears change any of this?

So whatever you do
For whatever it's worth
If you're gonna tear my world apart
Then I'd prefer
Don't leave me confused
Don't let the lines blur
If you're gonna tell me
You don't love me anymore
Make every word hurt....

Make every word sting
Make every word bleed
Until I'm not gonna wanna love you anymore
Until you're nothing I need
So when I wake up in the morning
For the next 20 years
I won't be wishing
For someone who just dissapeared

So whatever you do
For whatever it's worth
If you're gonna tear my world apart
Then I'd prefer
Don't leave me confused
Don't let the lines blur
If you're gonna tell me
You don't love me anymore
Make every word hurt....

- Lori McKenna "Make Every Word Hurt"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The New LBT shirt i did...


Friday, June 26, 2009

Whatcha Gonna Do...

Thats whats being recorded by the Fairchild today. Let me just say...we are all in a weird mood. Shelly is waving at me from the vocal room saying...hiiii shawna. Yeah. I've been here all day. Enough said.

We all can't stop thinking about how Michael Jackson died yesterday. Just so sad. Every break results in a conversation about him.


Whatcha gonna do to get me to want you (whatcha gonna do)
Show me what you got
let me see a menu
tell me what you know
I wanna feel the words
I'm just that kinda of girl
so whatcha gonna do
whatcha gonna do
to get me to want you

-Shelly Fairchild (2009)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Take me down....

That is what Shelly is singing in the studio right now. Yep...its pretty cool....that sista can SING!

AND..doing video is fun. AND...Shelly's Salon is pretty cool..hahahhahaha Its funny how the back room in the studio became a salon today.

why is it that I only blog when I can't sleep???

i got home at 3 a.m. and woke up at 6 a.m. Really?! THIS is going to be a long day.

Lets see...since Natalie reads my blogs i'll write whats going on in my life! haha

well first daddy is coming to visit on Sunday...and will be here for 2 weeks! i'm so excited. I need a break that will be fun.

As for work...things are going good i suppose on all that. I'm still freelance...which is HARD. i'm not even going to lie. I hate not knowing where money is going to come from. *sigh* hopefully that all ends really soon. I do love freelancing...its just hard on the money side of things. Damn the bills :) haha

I got a chance to design for Little Big Town...which was cool. Here is a picture of a shirt I did for them. Karen posted this on their I just took it. Saves me having to take another pic of it. haha .

I have another shirt that went to print last Thursday. Hopefully that one turns out great too. Its a little more artsy and girly. Its pretty impossible to explain so I'm not even gonna try. haha

CMA fest was last week...and I'm THRILLED that beast is over. Seriously. I really don't like it much. The ride for a Cure thing with Little Big Town was cool though. Shelly got to be a part of that since Karen asked her to I gotta hang out with them all day....and well, drink the good alcohol on the bus..HAHAHA jokes jokes...its not all about the booze. I was working....but totally not at the same time. I love my job :)

Shellys show at Mercy Lounge went great. Let me just tell you though....i was excited to see it overwith. We worked our ASSES off for that show. haha

hmmmm....what else in my life? OOOOH everyone who reads this (which I think that means just natalie)...can you PLEASE twitter to Jimmy Fallon that you would like to see Shelly Fairchild as a musical guest on his show? seriously. that would be awesome. Here is the poster I did with instructions. The thing with that is...He said on his show last thursday that he wanted suggestions for musical guests for this show....they could be super famous or just your favorite neighborhood band. SO....of course...we're jumpin on that....haha


Last night i saw Em West play at the Rutledge (well for about 15 minutes...of course we were late to the show) and she was fantastic! i love her. A lot. She did Mississippis Cryin and its still so cool to me for her to do that song when I'm standing next to Shelly and Stephony. They wrote that all on their own...and that song just amazes me. Still. Even after hearing it 15 million times. I will say though...there is NOTHING like Shelly singing it...

We then proceeded to go see Phillip Lassiter at the Basement. He was great....and umm...different. :) Heres the kicker....after that...we went to Patterson House. I didn't drink at all until this point. Umm...yeah...i had only 3 (which is good) but i was REALLLLY not planning on drinking (or staying out till 3 a.m.) since i have so much work to do. OOOOH well...haha

P.S. I got a haircut. It kicks ass. Its short...and punk like....really blonde...and brace yourselves....i'm getting purple put in it today. hahahaha I'm excited! don't worry its just a LIL bit of purple. just for fun. Wonder if my dad will freak out? nahhhh...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shelly & The People!!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kinkos and record deals...

Shelly and I were at Kinkos printing hundreds of posters for her june 12th show...when we looked down at our phones and saw she had 3 minutes to get to her meeting where she was signing her record we jumped in the car and i drove her to her meeting.

Being a rock star is so glamorous...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yet another day with no alcohol...

Shelly said that just now and it made me laugh.... Because folks...we've been TRYIN' to go get a drink and that aint happenin...too much going on.

So...we shall try again tomorrow...haha

I'm in the studio right now listening to some awesome music being made. Shelly and Stephony are GENIUS!!!

K. I need to be working on some merch designs for LBT. I best be ending this pointless blog.

Tomorrow...another day of fun...I mean work. YESSSSSSS!!

Oh...go to this.

Show June 12th!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i can not sleeeeep.....

Its stressing me out at the moment. I have a lot to do tomorrow and this no sleeping thing is not making me happy. So what do I do...i blog...whatever.

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!! What did i do for the occasion? Well i met up with Shelly and Stephony at Lime. LOTS of people were there to celebrate. It was interesting....had a few Skinny B*** was fun. I was beyond thankful that they weren't strong. Somehow I only managed to spend 20 dollars...and i am still confused on how that happened. I think i didn't get charged for a drink or 2. haha

K. Moving on. I am house sitting/dog sitting from Friday to Tuesday. I'm excited to spend some time with MzZippy. I really love that dog. Well...lets be honest..i love all dogs!!! haha I'm realllllllllly thinking about getting a Morkie. Soon. Soon. Soon. Anyone want to buy me one for my birthday?? haha I mean...loooook at this video.....

I know thats the dog i want....i just can't afford to get one RIGHT now. I will get one once i have a more stable job....which leads right into my next thing.

I'm STILL freelance. Most days i'm cool with it...but today I had a doozy. ha I sometimes get all crazy and feel like i'm a loser. I know freelancing is a job...but not having a place to go kinda makes me feel like i don't. I need an office to go to everyday. I need to have a steady income. When i don't...i feel uneasy and my life seems unorganized. ha I'm a Taurus...what can i say :) Steph and i were talking about this exact thing tonight...about how our lives feel unorganized at the moment. I just listened to what she said...but the thing is....i agreed with EVERYTHING she said. Ugh..i hope this all changes sooner than later. has to.

I was talking to a friend tonight...him and i were just talking about everything really. Somehow we got on the topic of being single..etc. He said that he could see me as being a player. Umm...really? haha THAT cracked me up. i'm far from it. Well anyways...i told him that i have only dated a few guys since i've moved here. He then proceeded to ask me why....and i said...well, i'm too busy. I care more about my "career" than really anything else. He didn't buy one smidge of that. All of a sudden i realized i was for real using that as an excuse!!!! I IS true..i do work hard and love working...but, really...i don't want to be single.....I just am. hmmm...

K. Well i'm actually thinking i may be getting tired...ooooh and its 3:33...make a wish :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


So mya got another bed this past weekend. AND...heres the kicker...its a cat bed. hahahahahha Well..shes only 5 lbs so it fits her perfectly. Look. Shes Precious.

Next on the agenda to talk about...umm..i made my first CAKE!!! yay!! my roommate's birthday was today so i made her a cute lil cake.... PLEASE ignore the frosting that is running off the side. i'm upset about it :( i spent so much time making it pretty and it got RUINED!

So this was on my iphone....and i will say...i do NOT remember taking it. Don't you love it when that happens??? Its Shelly and I....umm...yeah....

This next one..yep...its cute. I vaguely remember this one being taken....

hmmm...well i guess thats all. OH...everyone should check out Margaret Durante. Shes a new country artist. look for her single out on radio soon called "put yourself in my blues". Her myspace page is And got it...i designed it. haha :)

PEACE and YAY for a new week filled with music :)

P.S. EVERYONE...Lilith Fair is coming back. KID. YOU. NOT.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shelly's New blog

I did this lil blog for Shelly from her last show at 3rd and Lindsley. The show was always. The place was packed. I think shes looking at moving to another venue....peeps can't all fit in at 3rd and L!!

Shelly Fairchild @ 3rd and Lindsley on April 16th

Monday, April 13, 2009

Guess what?

i'm sitting in the studio listening to Shelly record her album.

Life is good.

The End.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Poster I did for Shelly & The People

Yay!!! COME TO THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool People Make Me Happy

I got to dogsit for one of the coolest dogs ever. MzZippy. I'm her aunt I'm gonna totally post pictures. Awww...loooooook at her and her ball :)

MzZippy and Shelly were chillin' at my house...Shelly and i were workin' away. Guess what Zippers was doing? Yep...tore her brand new toy to PIECES. it was sad. Look....

Lil Emily and I decided to head out for some drinks. We ended up at TGIFridays. I've NEVER been there before. Crazy. We were excited to find BLUE DRINKS!! haha

I thought I needed my picture taken with my Mojito. It wasn't as good as the blue drink...but, thats ok. It was only $4. hahaha was a lil strong....

All in all..its been a great week. I love my friends. They are the coolest people I know...ha!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

is packing to go home to KS tomorrow. I HATE PACKING!!! Anyone want to do it for me? haha

Monday, March 9, 2009


I have a blog. I am hardly ever on it...whyyyy is that?!?! I'm gonna change that...i mean i lead an exciting life. HAHA jokes jokes. far from it. Thought i'd post up some schtuffff i've done recently though. Just because...well....its my blog and i can do whatever i want.

This is a logo and identity system that i did for an accountant. Wiatr & Associates. They rock. You should call them.

Here is a poster I did for CDJ. It was for her father-in-law. Its hatch - like. I can say that because i interned there....anyone else that does a "letterpress" type design..can't say that unless they've actually DONE letterpress. I'm just sayin...

Hmm...and I did this lil poster for Jaida Dreyer.

Whoa...i just realized...i can't post up anything else. Its all secret. boooo!! Well, when I can...i will :) So..yay again!

Tonight I went to go see Cade Doyle rock 3rd and Lindsley. it was a GOOD time. He is the most amazing guitar player ever. Every time he plays...i like...feel like i just saw something great just happen. I love it. Shelly met up with us...and we cheered ole Cade on. Good times.

Whats in store for tomorrow...let me tell you...CHEESECAKE. Lil emily and i have been dyin' for some and after the show tonight...the cheesecake factory was closed. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with them closing before midnight. So...tomorrow it is. Probably a better idea anyways...i mean eating cheesecake at 11:30 will only make me fat. hahaha

K. Well...i have work to do.....


P.S. Whyyyyy do people NOT get the hint. When I don't answer your emails, texts, and phone probably means i'm not that into you. I'm just sayin.... If someone could help me out with so why these people don't get the hint. That would be great. I'm not being ugly...i'm just confused.

Friday, February 27, 2009

had an AMAZING NIGHT!!! Happy Birthday to Laura Stroud :) oh...AND KRISTI KARTER :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rehearsal tonight...

Here are some cool pics i took on my iphone from band rehearsal tonight. Video coming soon. Yep. Shellys gonna be famous....

P.S. i'm not holding zippy by the neck....ha it just appears that way....

Shelly & The People

Check out this video blog i did....YAY for working with people that let me do what i want and learn new things. Video has become a new love. Love me some Shelly & The People.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Best Day of My Life.

I got to go into the Studio on Friday. It was amazing. I was a friends assistant for the day and i had the best time. I love my friends. I love music. I love MzZippy :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shelly & The People @ 3rd and Lindsley - 1/30 - 7PM



A sunday of shopping...


So today lil Emily and I went Shopping....
I saw this...and thought I needed to take a picture of it.
we laughed. (its a manikin(sp?) by the way)