Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i can not sleeeeep.....

Its stressing me out at the moment. I have a lot to do tomorrow and this no sleeping thing is not making me happy. So what do I do...i blog...whatever.

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!! What did i do for the occasion? Well i met up with Shelly and Stephony at Lime. LOTS of people were there to celebrate. It was interesting....had a few Skinny B*** was fun. I was beyond thankful that they weren't strong. Somehow I only managed to spend 20 dollars...and i am still confused on how that happened. I think i didn't get charged for a drink or 2. haha

K. Moving on. I am house sitting/dog sitting from Friday to Tuesday. I'm excited to spend some time with MzZippy. I really love that dog. Well...lets be honest..i love all dogs!!! haha I'm realllllllllly thinking about getting a Morkie. Soon. Soon. Soon. Anyone want to buy me one for my birthday?? haha I mean...loooook at this video.....

I know thats the dog i want....i just can't afford to get one RIGHT now. I will get one once i have a more stable job....which leads right into my next thing.

I'm STILL freelance. Most days i'm cool with it...but today I had a doozy. ha I sometimes get all crazy and feel like i'm a loser. I know freelancing is a job...but not having a place to go kinda makes me feel like i don't. I need an office to go to everyday. I need to have a steady income. When i don't...i feel uneasy and my life seems unorganized. ha I'm a Taurus...what can i say :) Steph and i were talking about this exact thing tonight...about how our lives feel unorganized at the moment. I just listened to what she said...but the thing is....i agreed with EVERYTHING she said. Ugh..i hope this all changes sooner than later. has to.

I was talking to a friend tonight...him and i were just talking about everything really. Somehow we got on the topic of being single..etc. He said that he could see me as being a player. Umm...really? haha THAT cracked me up. i'm far from it. Well anyways...i told him that i have only dated a few guys since i've moved here. He then proceeded to ask me why....and i said...well, i'm too busy. I care more about my "career" than really anything else. He didn't buy one smidge of that. All of a sudden i realized i was for real using that as an excuse!!!! I IS true..i do work hard and love working...but, really...i don't want to be single.....I just am. hmmm...

K. Well i'm actually thinking i may be getting tired...ooooh and its 3:33...make a wish :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


So mya got another bed this past weekend. AND...heres the kicker...its a cat bed. hahahahahha Well..shes only 5 lbs so it fits her perfectly. Look. Shes Precious.

Next on the agenda to talk about...umm..i made my first CAKE!!! yay!! my roommate's birthday was today so i made her a cute lil cake.... PLEASE ignore the frosting that is running off the side. i'm upset about it :( i spent so much time making it pretty and it got RUINED!

So this was on my iphone....and i will say...i do NOT remember taking it. Don't you love it when that happens??? Its Shelly and I....umm...yeah....

This next one..yep...its cute. I vaguely remember this one being taken....

hmmm...well i guess thats all. OH...everyone should check out Margaret Durante. Shes a new country artist. look for her single out on radio soon called "put yourself in my blues". Her myspace page is And got it...i designed it. haha :)

PEACE and YAY for a new week filled with music :)

P.S. EVERYONE...Lilith Fair is coming back. KID. YOU. NOT.