Monday, March 9, 2009


I have a blog. I am hardly ever on it...whyyyy is that?!?! I'm gonna change that...i mean i lead an exciting life. HAHA jokes jokes. far from it. Thought i'd post up some schtuffff i've done recently though. Just because...well....its my blog and i can do whatever i want.

This is a logo and identity system that i did for an accountant. Wiatr & Associates. They rock. You should call them.

Here is a poster I did for CDJ. It was for her father-in-law. Its hatch - like. I can say that because i interned there....anyone else that does a "letterpress" type design..can't say that unless they've actually DONE letterpress. I'm just sayin...

Hmm...and I did this lil poster for Jaida Dreyer.

Whoa...i just realized...i can't post up anything else. Its all secret. boooo!! Well, when I can...i will :) So..yay again!

Tonight I went to go see Cade Doyle rock 3rd and Lindsley. it was a GOOD time. He is the most amazing guitar player ever. Every time he plays...i like...feel like i just saw something great just happen. I love it. Shelly met up with us...and we cheered ole Cade on. Good times.

Whats in store for tomorrow...let me tell you...CHEESECAKE. Lil emily and i have been dyin' for some and after the show tonight...the cheesecake factory was closed. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with them closing before midnight. So...tomorrow it is. Probably a better idea anyways...i mean eating cheesecake at 11:30 will only make me fat. hahaha

K. Well...i have work to do.....


P.S. Whyyyyy do people NOT get the hint. When I don't answer your emails, texts, and phone probably means i'm not that into you. I'm just sayin.... If someone could help me out with so why these people don't get the hint. That would be great. I'm not being ugly...i'm just confused.

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