Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cool People Make Me Happy

I got to dogsit for one of the coolest dogs ever. MzZippy. I'm her aunt I'm gonna totally post pictures. Awww...loooooook at her and her ball :)

MzZippy and Shelly were chillin' at my house...Shelly and i were workin' away. Guess what Zippers was doing? Yep...tore her brand new toy to PIECES. it was sad. Look....

Lil Emily and I decided to head out for some drinks. We ended up at TGIFridays. I've NEVER been there before. Crazy. We were excited to find BLUE DRINKS!! haha

I thought I needed my picture taken with my Mojito. It wasn't as good as the blue drink...but, thats ok. It was only $4. hahaha was a lil strong....

All in all..its been a great week. I love my friends. They are the coolest people I know...ha!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

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