Saturday, January 16, 2010

You Can't Take Back Everything You Said

And that would be the song that is stuck in my head. A great song by Shelly Fairchild. I'm sure you'll be hearing it soon. She just got back from L.A....and the newly mixed CD is fabulous. Its crazy how i've heard these songs..from the beginning...was in the studio when they were being recorded...Yet, I can't take the CD out of my car. I tried. Today. I put in something else but after one song...i had to put Shelly back in there. I can't wait for the world to hear it. It will happen soon. last few days have been a little upsetting. People just amaze me sometimes. To say the least. I was torn up about it for awhile...but, today is a new day and thanks to my friends i've learned that you don't give those people the satisfaction of destroying you. Shes right. I'm a good person. i KNOW i'm a good person. I can't change what people say...but, i can continue to be who I am and the people that REALLY know me will know whats right and wrong. I'm coming to terms with things. Its hard to realize you meant nothing to someone that meant everything to you. Oh well. I can't be worrying about it. I have a lot of work to do these days. Shelly this. Shelly that. Shelly Logo. Shelly packaing. Shelly promo. hahaha Its pretty exciting. I love every minute of it. Its cool how it doesn't seem like work to me too...just being with my friends...and coming up with some cool stuff. Fun.

Today Gypsy and i had lunch with Teresa. It was so fun. Gypsy got to meet Fluffy and Stewy. They didn't like her too much...haha But nevertheless...they were ADORABLE together. Teresa got her A LOT of cute things. One being this lil jacket. Gypsy actually really likes wearing clothes for the most part. Probably because it keeps her lil self warm. haha

Also...I got my Martina Shirts in the mail today. I designed a couple for the tour. Here is a pic of them. Not the greatest...but still you can kinda tell. I'm really excited about it. I hope i get to do some more stuff for Tee-Cee and Martina.

well...Tomorrow is Sunday. Lots to be done. I think i'm going to end this and put the pup to bed...and maybe even go to bed myself. Heres to hoping i'm even happier tomorrow. I'm getting there. Friends and puppies help :)

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