Sunday, January 10, 2010

GG and ZZ are BFF's

Its so funny to see these two play together. It makes me so happy. They make me happy. I am so glad they get along...because these few days dog sitting could have been ROUGH. haha

Nothing new really to report. Turns out my design business last year did pretty well. My first year freelance was a mini-success! :) yay! I was talking with a friend the other day and we were chatting about our year. I was going on and on about all the bad things that had happened to me/us...and how i wasn't happy with some things/people. I was being entirely too negative. She said...well, it hasn't been ALL that bad. You have gotten A LOT of clients...and you managed to make it in freelance. Shes right! I've had the chance to design for Little Big town, Martina McBride, and of course SHELLY! Sure, there has been some bad stuff...mostly personal.....but, a lot of really great stuff too. This new year has started off to be amazing. I have a great new lil puppy, i've gotten some work...even with a few new people, and have learned A LOT about myself. Live and learn I guess.

On another note....Its weird to me how you can care so much for someone. Then, it all disappear in a second. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me....but, nevertheless i find it crazy. I guess its safe to say it was all a lie huh? ha...thats what i'm telling myself...thats the only way I can make sense of it all. Its sad. and learn....liiiiive and learn. It doesn't matter now anyways...I'm on my way to happy!! I have my true friends, my family, my work, and my puppy :)

My Goals for 2010:
1. Find a programmer to partner up with that is on the same page as me (creatively).
2. Design SOMETHING for the Lilith Fair tour (can be anything...flyer, t-shirt, ANYTHING!).
3. Do Shelly Fairchild's packaging for the new album (and website).
4. Get office space!!!!
5. Find someone who loves me for me. Then, live happily ever after..haha
6. Double the amount of clients i have.
7. The obvious...make more money. haha
8. Learn more about video...and get better at it!
9. Be a better...friend, daughter, granddaughter, niece, designer, business person, photographer, videographer, client...
10. Teach my puppy to be the best puppy she can be (ha!!..cheezy but i like it).
11. Travel more
12. Pay off my laptop

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