Monday, May 4, 2009


So mya got another bed this past weekend. AND...heres the kicker...its a cat bed. hahahahahha Well..shes only 5 lbs so it fits her perfectly. Look. Shes Precious.

Next on the agenda to talk about...umm..i made my first CAKE!!! yay!! my roommate's birthday was today so i made her a cute lil cake.... PLEASE ignore the frosting that is running off the side. i'm upset about it :( i spent so much time making it pretty and it got RUINED!

So this was on my iphone....and i will say...i do NOT remember taking it. Don't you love it when that happens??? Its Shelly and I....umm...yeah....

This next one..yep...its cute. I vaguely remember this one being taken....

hmmm...well i guess thats all. OH...everyone should check out Margaret Durante. Shes a new country artist. look for her single out on radio soon called "put yourself in my blues". Her myspace page is And got it...i designed it. haha :)

PEACE and YAY for a new week filled with music :)

P.S. EVERYONE...Lilith Fair is coming back. KID. YOU. NOT.


  1. Whoa. Lilith Fair?!?! Seriously!!?! That is AMAZING.

  2. yeah..i know...crazy huh? Summer of 2010. It was announced last week.